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Consuming oxalates can actually result in kidney disease or even death due to oxalate poisoning.

This can be seen in grazing animals who eat oxalate-containing plants such as greasewood.

However, the charge of an oxalate will allow the oxalate to act as a chelator for various positively charged metal ions. The bulk of its other properties resemble oxalic acid. This oxalic acid is a comparatively strong type of organic acid. It is also approximately 10,000 times stronger than acetic acid. The acid also acts a reducing agent, this is then known as oxalate. Of course, this is a process that occurs in oxalate green tea as well.

The Oxalate Green Tea Process

Every type of tea that is known to humanity contains oxalates. These are said to possibly be the cause of kidney stones in humans. Of course, there are various types of kidney stones that result from oxalate green tea. However, the most common form of kidney stone is the calcium oxalate stone. This is formed in the kidney when soluble oxalate green tea combines with soluble calcium compounds. Together they go on to form the highly-insoluble calcium oxalate.

Should You Be Concerned Oxalate In Green Tea?

Thankfully there is something that you may not know about yet. The probability of oxalate green tea or of tea causing any form of kidney stones can actually be significantly reduced. How this can be done? If you take some type of calcium along with your green tea you will be able to form calcium oxalate in the digestive tract, which is important because then you will not be as likely to form kidney stones. This is because the calcium is unable to be absorbed in your digestive tract and thus the calcium will be able to pass through to your kidneys. If you are already experiencing problems with kidney stones though, you should pay attention to this additional warning.

While you may think that green tea would be the food that has the highest oxalate content, this is not the case. The food that actually has the highest oxalate content is spinach. In fact, it contains so much oxalate that spinach processing equipment sometimes gets clogged up with insoluble oxalates. Now that should give you some idea of how oxalate green tea really is not going to harm your body.



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