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Organically Grown Green Tea Does Have Powerful Substances

Medical researchers and scientists have more recently made known that green tea does have powerful substances that promote the health of those that consume green tea on a regular basis.

Scientific studies have shown that crops grown with harmful pesticides and fertilizers preserve these substances even after harvesting. Organically grown green tea retains the benefits of green tea and eliminates the negatives of non organic green tea products.

Organic green tea retains all of the beneficial substances of ordinary green tea without the man made chemicals. Studies have shown that green tea grown organically has antioxidants catechins, and polyphenols which may prevent the onset of certain serious diseases suffered by those who do not drink green tea. These studies show that organic green tea will prevent some types of cancer including esophageal and colon cancer. Organic green tea also has these substances which prevent the onset of painful rheumatoid arthritis.

Drinking Organic Green Tea Promotes Good Health

Rich crops have long been the goal of farmers, and many farmers use man made chemical nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides to help them grow the largest field of crops possible. There are many studies that show these artificial nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides helped to grow great crops, but these substances remained on the crops and harmed those who consumed these crops. Organic green tea along with many other crops is grown using natural, organic nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides. The result has improved the quality of the food consumed by the end users.

Remember organic green tea is grown without using any harmful, artificial substances. Green tea grown organically is also processed with natural methods after it is harvested from the fields. After the tea leaves are harvested, they are dried. The best organic green tea is dried using innovative techniques so the leaves will not ferment as they dry. Organic green tea should be stored for not more than one day after it has been harvested to avoid negative effects of fermentation. Organically grown green tea is usually grown on farms that are certified to use only the proper, organic methods in planting, fertilizing and maintaining the plants. Organic green tea should be clearly marked for consumers so they know about the quality of the green tea purchased in any store. If it isn’t marked ORGANIC it probably isn’t.


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Green Tea Uses

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