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But it is very mysterious why this tea has so many health benefits, although the evidence is conclusive.

Green tea is very remarkable for many well known health benefits. Not only have the ingredients in green tea been proven to prevent cancer, but it has been shown to reduce the risk of a number of other life threatening diseases.

Green tea is best when it has undergone minimal oxidation during its processing. Today, it has become more widespread than the traditional black tea. The mysteries of this tea began in ancient China, when the tea was used for any and all medical problems. There are several different areas in China which cultivate different varieties of green tea.

All of these varieties contain the main two ingredients, which are believed to hold these mysterious health benefits. The Asian populations have always had long life expectancies and it has been attributed to the effect that green tea has on the body and it’s many vital organs. There is no specific knowledge as to how it works; only that it does work. Therefore, the mystery behind the secrets of green tea will remain a mystery.

The History Of Green Tea

The consumption of green tea has been around for almost 5000 years with China being one of the first countries to cultivate it. This tea is used for medicinal purposes in Japan, Thailand, India and China. Green tea is used to help heal wounds, control bleeding, and regulate body temperature and blood sugar. The Asian population believes that drinking this tea will provide a very positive effect on the health of your body, specifically the heart.

There are declarations that this tea is also used to help control blood pressure. It eases the effects of cures blotchiness, alcohol, quenches thirst, eliminates indigestion, prevents fatigue and improves urinary and brain function also. There are no known disadvantages for over consumption of green tea except one. That of insomnia, Green tea does contain caffeine.

However, overdosing on caffeine is very unlikely to occur in this tea because there is only 20 mg. of caffeine in an entire cup. In 2006, the FDA approved an ointment based on green tea for the topical treatment of external genital and imperials warts. With the very old history of green tea and its newly researched medical claims, its no wonder this tea is sweeping the world. Green tea is now offered in almost every restaurant and is in every grocery store and almost every soft drink dispenser in the United States. Drink your Green Tea Every day it’s one of only a few natural substances that has proven health benefits.


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Green Tea Uses

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