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Incredible Chinese Green Tea

Chinese green tea has several health benefits if you consume it on a regular basis. The Chinese have known about the medicinal qualities of green tea for thousands of years, it has been used to treat everything from headaches to depression. It is also makes a favorable tasting as well as refreshing drink which is why you see it sold in so many different forms.

Scientific research in both Asia and the west is offering hard evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea.

Some research has shown that a single cup of Chinese green tea on a daily basis could add several years to the life of many people. There is some very good evidence that has been collected by the companies that produce the drink and even impartial medical researchers. There is also evidence that consuming Chinese green tea will reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the blood. In 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea would reduce the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent.

There are many medical terms for these benefits, and a doctor or other medical professional could speak for a long time about these advantages to each person. The bottom line is better health if you consume green tea on a daily basis.

An Ancient Chinese Proverb

“it is better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one”

Drinking Chinese Green Tea Helps Protect the Heart

Chinese green tea lowers bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol which is good for your heart and arteries. There are other medical benefits for those who drink Chinese green tea on a regular basis.

Drinking Chinese green tea could help you avoid rheumatoid arthritis

People with rheumatoid arthritis suffer great pain from this disease. The majority of the people with this condition take strong painkillers just to make it through each day. These drugs are costly and usually have unwanted side effects including drowsiness. No one wants to go through every day in a fog because of strong prescription drugs and Chinese green tea could help you avoid this as well as many other conditions.

Chinese Green Tea Lowers Cholestrol

There is also research indicating that drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol levels, as well as improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol. Links are being made between the effects of drinking green tea and what is called the "French Paradox." For years, researchers were puzzled by the fact that, despite consuming a rich in fat diet , the French have a lower incidence of heart disease than Americans. The answer was found to lie in red wine, which contains resveratrol, a polyphenol that limits the negative effects of smoking and a fatty diet.


Chinese Green Tea As An Immune System Booster

Green tea seems to have a positive effect on the immune system of those that drink green tea. A stronger immune system will help green tea drinkers stay healthier and live longer. Although green tea has some obvious beneficial effects, there is little evidence that green tea has any adverse side effects. Green tea has caffeine so people should remember that green tea might keep one awake if it is consumed close to bedtime, but there are no other significant side effects known at this time. A cup of green tea every day might just help keep the whole family in much better health.

The Benefits of Chinese Green Tea Are Numerous

People in China have used Chinese green tea for centuries, and most firmly believe that Chinese green tea has significant and positive effects on their health. Many studies support their loyalty to this drink. Chinese green tea seems to ward off different types of infection also.

What Makes Chinese Green Tea So Special?

The secret of green tea seems to be the fact it is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant: besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

Why don't other Chinese teas have similar health-giving properties?

Green, oolong, and black teas all come from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. What sets green tea apart is the way it is processed. Green tea leaves are steamed, which prevents the EGCG compound from being oxidized. By contrast, black and oolong tea leaves are made from fermented leaves, which results in the EGCG being converted into other compounds that are not nearly as effective in preventing and fighting various diseases. So get your daily dose of Chinese Green Tea starting today.



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